Joining Dancehall Divas has been one of the best decisions I've made in my life!  I've lost weight and I'm fitter than I've ever been and coming to class always makes me feel good, regardless of what's going on in my life.  Even though I haven't reached my goal as yet, I trust the journey and am happy to be on it with so many other fabulous women :)

I have always loved dancing. But then, there is dancing, and there is dancing with the Dancehall Divas. In the class I felt free, happy, strong, bold and fresh :)! I moved back to Benin since, but the class is one of the thing I really miss from Accra. Keep shining divas!

Last night was three things..Fun, Fun, Fun!  I left feeling like Tom Cruz after completing another impossible mission. I walked down the street from the gym with my tummy sucked in, neck twice the actual length and chest out. The wind was on duty blowing my hair so I had the DIVA in the tv commercial look. Hehehe. Dancehall Divas is a class that teaches even someone like me with two left feet to dance as we loose weight and build SELF CONFIDENCE.  I felt free to be myself and now I feel an just rumbling but I just can't wait for January!!!
PS: The diva cupcake at the end of the class convinced me I belong there.

The Dancehall Divas class is quickly becoming my weekly treat! This is your chance to let loose with an instructor who is funny, sexy and all sorts of FIERCE ! It is an inspiring and empowering space, where you not only get to meet and dance with ladies from all ages and different walks of life, but you also get a serious and sweaty workout out of it! It's a win-win, it will leave you wanting more !

Thanks for a great class today!  You are so full of positivity and good energy that it's easy to enjoy it :)

I had an amazing time in your class last week.  It was fun and did not feel like the usual boring exercise routines.

You are providing an outlet for all of us to be sexy, build self confidence, have fun and lose weight!  I am also really happy that I am leaner and stronger... DeZiya is a great person who is doing her bit for women!
God Bless

As a mother and career woman life here in Ghana has always been work then straight home and this was depressing me... I was looking for something new, something positive, something sexy, something I can enjoy.  I'm actually feeling much better and happier since starting classes.  THANK YOU.