Unfortunately not yet, but we are working on it!  Be sure to like our social media for any updates about new classes in your area.

The reasons are many but these are the main ones:

1) It's a great workout! Coupled with a healthy eating plan, you're guaranteed to lose weight and tone up.

2) The moves and routines you're taught will give you a new found confidence that'll translate not only on the dance floor, but in your day to day life.

3) It's a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

4) It's strictly for women, therefore no need to feel uncomfortable or paranoid...we can twerk and whine in peace!

5) Its probably the only party you'll attend where you dance for an hour straight, without alcohol to all your favourite tracks, guaranteed.

One lone class cannot be carried forward to the following month, however if you miss 4 classes within a three month period, we can offer you another block pass for the location of your choice. Please note this rule  for blocks purchased during a special offer, nor can missed classes be rolled forward into a new year.

For the Danehall Divas SLIM class, popular club tracks are our favourite with the majority of them being Afrobeats tracks.  We also have a number of routines to Dancehall and Hip Hop Music.  Click here to check out our Spotify Playlist.   As for the SEXY class, we usually stick with Slow Jams, both old school and new school!

For the SLIM and STRONG classes, regular gym wear and training shoes are advised.  If you're not yet gym ready, anything comfortable will do.  Some leggings and a lose fitting t.shirt will do the job.
The SEXY class will require you to bring a secure pair of HEELS and wear any attire that you feel sexy in like, shorts and a t shirt or crop top, a catsuit or even a leotard!
Daily Fitness is the newest addition to our timetable, therefore caters to the beginner Diva.  Escapes class is at the intermediate stage and advanced at Mint Fitness.  If however, the time or location is inconvenient, you're welcome to join a class that suits you.
Newcomers can however feel a little intimadated in their first class but it won't last!  After 6 -8 classes you will know numerous routines in our repeatoire and start feeling and dancing like a real Diva, wherever you decide to join us...just stick with us!
There are no age limits or restrictions for this class.  Whether you're 16 or 60 you're welcome as long as you have the all clear from a parent/doctor.